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  • NaomiEmLove


  • Idade : 18
  • Preferência sexual : Hetero
  • Private show : 5 créd./min
  • Show VIP : 20 créd./min (Voyeur : 10 créd./min)


  • Descrição : I love life! And I appreciate everything and everyone who appeared in it. We never know what is going to happen, so it is so important to be happy and good to others. I am crazy and calm, an angel and a devil. I love to have everything in order, but when emotions are at their peak nothing is in place: p. I graduated from ballet school. Sport has shaped me and books have brought me up. I love science and my study. I have to work to be able study. Should I combine business with pleasure?
  • Online : 9. a.m - 5 p.m
  • Eu gosto : I Love dance! Always and forever! I Love cook! I Love spend good time and feel magical!Travel!!! Watermelon:p, books, people, food, eperience.I Love to feel Love in the air!
  • eu não gosto : Hmmm depends?
  • Eu falo : English

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